Beatriz Campos Estrada

Astrophysics and Planetary Science PhD Fellow.


I am a portuguese astrophysicist, currently doing my PhD at the Niels Bohr Institute (Denmark) and the Space Research Institute (Austria). I am part of the CHAMELEON Marie-Curie innovative training network.

My major research interest is exoplanets: from their formation, to their evolution path and their atmospheres. I am a modeller and sometimes a theorist. All my publications are available at the publications page.

If you are not astronomer (or scientist) but are looking for someone enthusiastic to talk (almost) all things exoplanets, please feel free to reach out to me - I am available to have an informal chat or teach about what I know/do.

You can contact me at, or find me in the Astrodon world @exobeatriz.

selected publications

  1. James E. Owen, and Beatriz Campos Estrada
    MNRAS, Feb 2020