Beatriz Campos Estrada

Astrophysics and Planetary Science Marie Curie PhD Fellow
Niels Bohr Institute (University of Copenhagen) & Space Research Institute (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
CHAMELEON Marie Curie Innovative Training Network

About Beatriz.

Astrophysics and planetary science Marie Curie PhD fellow at the Niels Bohr Institute (University of Copenhagen) and the Space Research Institute (Austrian Academy of Sciences), part of the CHAMELEON MC-ITN, under the supervision of Professor Uffe Gråe Jørgensen and Dr Christiane Helling. I am currently on my second year of my PhD. I am studying and modelling the interaction between an exoplanet’s atmosphere and its crust.

During my MSci Physics project at Imperial College London, I worked on modelling dusty-tails of Ultra Short Period evaporating exoplanets, under the supervision of Dr James E Owen. A publication is under preparation.

During the 3rd year of my Undergraduate degree I developed a program (EvapMass) for predicting the minimum mass an exoplanet should have according to the photoevaporation model (Owen & Campos Estrada, 2020).


2. Masses and compositions of three small planets orbiting the nearby M dwarf L231-32 (TOI-270) and the M dwarf radius valley

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1. Testing exoplanet evaporation with multitransiting systems

Owen, J.E.; Campos Estrada, B.



GitHub: beatrizestrada

Twitter: @exobeatriz